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Teachers have too many holidays

Well, it's coming to the end of my few days off.  I have been ill for most of this and I have exactly two more days before I continue my teaching work.  Yes, granted I am not teaching all day in a school, as I have chosen to make my career in private tution, but I still have to prepare work for my pupils beforehand as all teachers do.


In addition I have an appointment to see some new clients this week, so you see, when teachers say but we don't get all those weeks off; we work during our holidays preparing materials and classses and training, they are telling the truth.


Aside from all that, there is no other job I would rather do, and if I had to work until 10pm at night preparing work I would gladly do it, and have done so for a number of years in the past when I worked for a local authority education service.


When you find your vocation or calling in life, then that is something that energises your whole and makes you happy to be alive.  It also puts me in mind of the quote by Confuscius, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”   I don't work much because I love what I do. 


What is even more surpprising is that I spent many years believing I was not good enough to be a teacher because I was taught under the old Grammar School and Secondary Modern system - I attended the latter and so grew up believing I wasn't very good. To have a job in the present economic climate is a great feat; to have a job you love is wonderful.


If your child expresses a wish to achieve something you think they cannot, please, please keep quiet.  Encourage them, help them; do all you can to make this come true.  At some point, their wish will either come true, or they will find their true calling on their journey as I did.  Also, take the trouble to read this link on Rob Smedley - Great inspiration for children who are told by someone they cannot achieve something, which does still unfortunately happen regularly in some classrooms in this country.


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